The Fascinating Secrets of Crop Circles Decoded

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Crop circles. We’ve seen them in the air from planes, in the movies, or perhaps even first hand. Many consider crop circles to have been created by extraterrestrials who yearn to subtly communicate with our species; others view them as an agricultural and technologically artistic phenomenon and believe the alien connection may be a hoax. But no matter which crop they’re carved from, these intricate geometric patterns hold messages waiting to be decoded. 

Whether you believe crop circles are alien manifestations, or farmers with a creative bent (and lots of time on their hands), the history and mystery surrounding crop circles has been around since the mid-1600s.

Both our organs of perception and the phenomenal world we perceive seem to be best understood as systems of pure pattern, or as geometric structures of form and proportion.”

— Robert Lawlor, Sacred Geometry

Crop Circle Messages, Locations, and History

The first crop circle to be recorded dates back to 1678, with a woodcut illustrating a circle being cut from an oat field. The woodcut refers to a legend known as the “Devil’s Mowing,” feeding into the myth that circle crops are the work of otherworldly and darker influences. The connection can be made with the scythe, a common agricultural tool that might symbolize the end, or death, of an agrarian cycle.

In 1966, a crop circle was discovered in Tully, Australia that is one of the first to be connected to UFOs. The farmer who found the patterns reported seeing a “flying saucer” rising out of the area, creating what the media referred to as “flying saucer” nests.

More circles began appearing in the United Kingdom in the 1970s with most congregating in the Wiltshire area, the same region as many other ancient monuments. One in particular, discovered in 1996 across from the legendary Stonehenge had a design known as the “Julia Set,” a very complicated fractal configuration that led many to believe it was created by extraterrestrials, sending a message through sacred geometry such as the Celtic Cross, triskelion, and other intricate shapes that dot the land in more than 60 countries.

Crop Circles: Evidence of Intelligence

Researchers believe there are certain years in which crop circles appear more frequently and perhaps with more urgency. The tetrahedron pictogram, which appeared at the location of the Barbury Castle in 1991, made many wonder if these creations were more than meteorological phenomenon. Some took them as elaborate hoaxes by very talented tractor drivers; others saw ancient, hermetic messages in the designs, signifying the holy trinity and the realm of the divine. 

As much attention as the Barbury Castle crop circle gained, which garnered the most attention from the world in 2001. The six-armed 490 wheeled circle, more than 800 feet in diameter discovered in Milk Hill, England became an overnight sensation. For weeks, helicopters hovered above it, and the result was the fact that the mystery surrounding crop circles could no longer be ignored.

Alien Crop Circle Binary Code Messages

There exists a line drawn in the world of crop circles – those who adhere to them being manmade and those who hold to the patterns being the work of extraterrestrials. For the hoaxers side of the argument, the areas the crop circles appear in are often nestled in remote, wide expanses of land, which would make it fairly easy to arrive in the middle of the night with little or no notice. For those who believe the circles were made by aliens, the methods by which they were created range from lasers, to advanced lightwave technology, to spacecraft, or even psychic energy. 

In an effort to decode crop circles, a body of research has emerged. Dr. Horace Drew, a well-regarded molecular biologist from the California Institute of Technology, led these investigations and provided crop circle decoding that concludes the patterns contain important messages from other species. While Dr. Drew does agree that many crop circles are human-made, he also states that those created by extraterrestrials contain an “advanced binary code,” either in the form of simple greetings, or as a means of communication with future civilizations.

Some of the messages Dr. Drew decoded include such sayings as “believe,” “there is good out there,” “beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises,” and “we oppose deception,” all leading us to believe that the alien communication is intended for us to live our best lives.  

The Chilbolton crop circle discovered in 2001, contains binary code of the numbers zero to ten, atomic numbers that make up human DNA, a human face, the solar system, and other human-related symbols. 

In addition to studying the visual messages that are within crop circles, there is a body of sound and light vibration research that has emerged around the patterns.

chilbolton crop circle

Binary code from the Chilbolton crop circle

In the 1960s, Gerald Hawkins (former Boston University School of Astronomy chair), applied crop circle geometry to the Boethian scale (500 AD), and with it a way of creating music, adding the accepted belief of the relationship between geometry and sound.

More recent research by quantum physicists is revealing a wide range of electromagnetic frequency fields ranging from 260 MHz to 5.2 KHz that link the geometric patterning. Using image to sound mapping technology, interesting correlations have been found between the Milk Hill crop circle and sounds heard on other planets, including those recorded of Saturn’s Auroras by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft

Crop Circle Codes Continue

Crop circles are not going away, regardless of the doubters and the controversies surrounding them. In fact, new ones are “cropping up” every month, with the latest being photographed as recently as early July 2019. A substantial tourist industry has developed around the circles, with thousands of visitors from around the globe gathering to witness them firsthand. Some visit out of curiosity; some visit to experience the healing messages the circles are believed to contain. 

Whether one believes crop circles are the work of farmers, geometric pranksters, or aliens, it can be agreed upon that the power they possess draw us back to the land, and to the ancient history contained there, as well as to what our ancestors considered to be vital to the human experience — a respect for divine mystery. 

Crop Circles: Crossover from Another Dimension

Famous Members of the Ancient Freemason Society

macrp closeup on masonic red wax seal on aged paper

Often associated with cultish rituals, secret handshakes, and grand ceremonial robes, Freemasonry is one of the largest, oldest, and perhaps least understood organizations in the world. Though the society was formally established three hundred years ago in 1717, it is rooted in the builders’ guilds of the early Middle Ages. Indeed, the oldest known Masonic document, the Regius Manuscript, dates to 1390 and describes, in 794 verses, the duties and obligations of the stone cutters and masons.

At its inception, Freemasonry stood as an elite but secret organization to which the builders of Europe’s grand and elaborate cathedrals and castles belonged. Those who joined were not bondsmen, but were free craftsmen — master architects, engineers, and mathematicians — and it was only within the confines of the lodges they built, in their covert meetings, that they shared trade secrets with other guild members and apprentices sworn to secrecy.

As cathedral building stalled and the scope of masonic projects changed, these guilds found it necessary to accept a wider variety of members, branching off to form different sects that they called “lodges.” Eventually, they all coalesced into one formal organization, known as the “Grand Lodge.”

The Knights Templar

The Knights Templar was an order of warrior-like Catholic monks in 1118 A.D. who guarded crusading pilgrims, as they made their way from Jaffa to Jerusalem. They are said to have harvested a great treasure from Solomon’s temple that King Philip IV of France desired, and so the king had them arrested, burning their leader, Jacques DeMolay at the stake. What happened to the Knights Templar after their arrest has become lost to history. Though Encyclopedia Britannica asserts that the Freemasons do not have any historical connection with the Knights Templar, there is still quite a bit of suspicion that the Knights Templar re-emerged in the 1700s, and even helped start the French Revolution, to exact revenge.

Masonic Sacred Geometry

One of the defining aspects of Masonic architecture and art is its representation of sacred geometry — shapes and various geometric patterns that are found repeated throughout the natural world. The Freemasons believed that sacred geometry imbued their architecture or creation with a sense of the divine. For example, the Fibonacci Sequence, one of the most famous patterns in mathematics, is represented by the spiral shape, symbolizing a gateway or life cycles. One will often find winding staircases in castles and cathedrals, symbolizing life’s journey and the awakening of the soul.

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