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The shape of the yoga lunge is used in many styles of yoga classes as a way to warm up and strengthen the body while opening the muscles of the hips and legs. Low lunge yoga poses offer a chance to open the front of the hip, while high lunges (like crescent lunge) require the addition of balance and strength.

For some practitioners, lunge yoga postures are a helpful way to relieve discomfort in the lower back. Lunge poses with the back knee lifted off the ground may also help to improve digestion by stimulating internal organs.

Explore variations and modifications to help make this category of yoga postures more comfortable and accessible for your body. Use a blanket under the back knee during low lunges to help relieve knee discomfort or place blocks under your hands to help provide more stability. Whatever your experience level with yoga and lunges, find a variation that fits you!


What are the best lunge yoga poses for a beginner?

Low lunge is a great posture for beginning yoga students to explore. Place a block under each hand on either side of your front foot in a lunge to focus on lengthening the front of the hip and spine. To work on strength and balance, hold low lunge with your hands pressed together at your heart center.

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