Twee Merrigan

Beginning her career in corporate America as an internet recruiter, Twee Merrigan is now a disseminator of Prana Flow? worldwide, a Vinyasa style yoga empowering all-level students to liberate the natural flow of the spontaneous intelligence within. Merrigan infuses all of her classes with teachings from her everyday life and strives to unite students with their prana, the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence. After a three-year hiatus from teaching globally to start a family, in 2014, Twee Merrigan returned to teaching local classes and workshops in the New York City area; and trainings, conferences, and festivals around the world. In 2015, Twee Merrigan and family started The Journey is the Destination Tour. Merrigan's family of 5 (her vegan chef husband, two young girls, and rescue dog) packed into a motorhome and travelled the country in search of conscious communities, American people and culture, secret gem yoga teachers and studios, local epic vegan fare, and more... all while experiencing the country's natural beauty as their own backyard. Twee Merrigan teachings are inspired by her family; her teacher, mentor, and friend, Shiva Rea (founder of Prana Flow?); her global yoga tribe of friends; a life-changing three-year tour (2008-2011) living on the road traveling to teach and train teachers in a different country every ten days at yoga studios, festivals, and conferences; her ?past life? as a New York City corporate sales executive; her Hatha, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Yoga mudra and Prenatal Khalsa Way studies; and the inherent beauty, intelligence, and truth of Nature and God/dess. ?My desire and purpose as a yoga teacher and trainer of yoga is to inspire you to manifest your own reality through the power of pure and positive intentions, thoughts, words, and actions, and to be ready and willing to recognize, receive, and integrate those manifestations into your daily living. It works... especially when you find Spirit within and let go into the magical adventure called your life!?

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