Advance Your Practice: Yoga Beyond Asana

Troy Hadeed
1 Season, 3 Episodes
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Take your practice to the next level with our new offering of focused mini-series. This new category will give you the tools you need to Advance Your Practice safely.

In this series, Troy Hadeed reveals that the advanced practice actually is not in the pose at all, but in your relationship to it! Troy takes a step back from the physical practice of yoga (only briefly!) to dive in to the real bliss we are all looking for through our yoga practice. Most of the time the real union is lost in our obsessions with heat, sweat, and what we called ‘advanced’ poses. This series brings it all full circle to form a true connection between breath and movement.

Videos in this Series:

Discovering Power in Simplicity

The Grace of Pranayama in Asana

The Sixth Sense