Ayurveda Exploration
1 Season . 3 Episodes TV-G

Join Mara Branscombe for a three-part series that combines the worlds of yoga and ayurveda to help you support, heal, and find greater balance within.

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Finding Ground for Vata Dosha (Preview)

This three-part series with Mara Branscombe joins the worlds of yoga and ayurveda, both of which have their origins in the Vedic tradition of India. While yoga translates as "union", the root "ayu" in Ayurveda is "life or lifespan". Therefore Ayurveda is the science of life and longevity. Combining yoga and ayurveda offers a deep integration of the physical body, senses, mind, and emotions. Join Mara to explore the different constitutions (doshas) of human nature and how we can ultimately learn to support, heal, and find greater balance within.

Teacher: Mara Branscombe
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
50 mins TV-G
This rhythmic, flowing, peaceful practice is intended to ground the vata nature and bring greater harmony within. When sensory overload, multi-tasking, and over-working often win, our ability to stay calm and rooted in our lives may be compromised. Begin with nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breath) then flow through a grounding practice with a focus on hips and legs.
47 mins TV-G
Designed specifically for the fiery pitta dosha to find calm, quiet, and cool through poses and breath, using your exhale to let go and avoid being judgmental in any way. Enjoy a sense of deep calm within as you explore the center of your body.
43 mins TV-G
Bring warmth, strength, and lightness to your body and mind in this strong, stimulating practice. Balance the slower, colder, and more relaxed nature of the kapha dosha (mental and physical constitution) by stoking your inner fire. Use breath techniques, spinal movements, repeated sun salutations, warrior variations, and seated postures to leave your mat feeling clear, focused, and peaceful.