Season 2 . 14 Episodes

As the dull roar of mainstream media lulls the masses into mindless complacency, a Buzzsaw cuts through the din of the mainstream narrative to explore hidden truths and reawaken the planet. Join Sean Stone as he takes an unflinching look into the hidden agendas behind world politics, popular culture and news events.

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S2:Ep1, Forbidden Knowledge for a New Age with Billy Carson (Preview)
Buzzsaw (Trailer)
Episode 1
32 mins
The power that the dark forces once held over the world is beginning to wane as the collective power of humanity continues to wax.
Episode 2
31 mins
It is theorized, that ages ago, human consciousness was boosted by psychedelic plants. Those cultures learned to coexist peacefully with each other and their environment. Daniel Pinchbeck explains that humanity is poised for a global transformation through a psychedelic initiation.
Episode 3
32 mins
Regina Meredith may have uncovered humanity’s higher purpose. She explains that we are beginning feel this purpose calling to us during these times when we are all desperate for a change.
Episode 4
33 mins
Deep underground, a parallel civilization has long thrived, separate from surface dwelling populaces which have been guided by the guileful hands of two opposing forces of the Annunaki. Now, the old ones have returned and a delicate game of exopolitics is being played out.
Episode 5
30 mins
Public perceptions of occult practices have reaped a reputation full of malicious tidings. In some cases, this reputation is well earned. But, according to James Wasserman, these magical workings hold the secrets to unlocking the holiest of quests.
Episode 6
31 mins
David Seaman offers an alternate take on many of the issues facing our society, including the credibility of media sources, the shifting of cannabis laws and the rise of crypto currency.
Episode 7
30 mins
Life is but a dream…in which we can awaken. This premise is suggested by Paul Levy who explains that the reality we experience is merely a collective projection which we believe to be separate and external. Lurking within the shadows of this world is a psycho-spiritual illness called the Wetiko.
Episode 8
33 mins
There may be a forbidden fruit which can reliably induce a mystical experience – psychedelic substances taken in spiritual settings. While this is not the answer for everyone seeking a connection with the divine, it has become a profound path for others.
Episode 10
31 mins
Ken Hanson deciphers the mystical tradition of the Kabbalah and discusses how it can help us understand the world in which we live. We may find it easier to look past the religious teachings and find a chance for peace through the ancient mystical traditions.
Episode 11
25 mins
Richard Beaumont delves into the intricacies of Human Design, which can give you a clear picture of who you are with a strategy to help you to realize your essential nature across the broad spectrum of what it means to be human.
Episode 12
36 mins
The political powers which have long ruled over our planet’s populations have received guidance through contact with beings beyond our sense of reality. Ancient grimoires contain the mystical technology used to make contact with these beings.
Episode 13
30 mins
One largely untapped potential of human consciousness is to break free from the corporeal restraints of the body and travel, astrally. Jason Quitt discusses forbidden knowledge of alternate timelines and secret machinations of multi-dimensional beings he has reaped via his travels through the astral realms.
Episode 14
31 mins
Once known as the Annunaki, these alien beings have influenced our species from the very depths of what it means to be human. However, we have something that they will never have and once we learn to reclaim our power, they will no longer control our future.
Episode 15
28 mins
Every 80 years we are forced to rethink everything that we have been doing and own up to the sins of the past. Jay Weidner explains that a great societal transformation is prone to beset the U.S. as we quickly approach the Fourth Turning.