Consensus Reality & the Cyberspace Revolution with David Seaman

David Seaman offers an alternate take on many of the issues facing our society, including the credibility of media sources, the shifting of cannabis laws and the rise of crypto currency. There are those who will claim that the mainstream media has the power to tell us what to think and feel about the news stories which govern our lives. A call has been put out for us to rethink the future of our world and begin questioning the motivations of what appears to be an establishment press perpetuating establishment views. Thus, a fracturing of consensus reality has already begun, stemming from the cyberspace revolution. Learn more in this interview with Sean Stone.

YouTuber, researcher, and cryptocurrency enthusiast he has been intrigued and in love with media for as long as he can remember. Previously a guest on CNN Headline News, BBC World Service, FOX News, ABC News Digital, Coast to Coast, RT America, Young Turks, and elsewhere.

Host: Sean Stone
Featuring: David Seaman
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English