Upon the Fourth Turning with Jay Weidner

Buzzsaw with Sean Stone
S2:Ep1528 mins

Every 80 years, or so, we are forced to rethink everything that we have been doing and own up to the sins of the past. Jay Weidner explains that a great societal transformation is prone to beset the U.S. as we quickly approach the Fourth Turning. Leading the charge into this turning is the internet. As a near infinite source of knowledge, it helps our society foster an increased degree of awareness, guiding us to a techgnosis.

To discover what is to come, we look to Hollywood movies. Hidden within the flicker of the silver screen we find symbols of gnostic initiation, major disclosures, and the keys to taking back our planet from the great magicians who have been running everything. Learn more in this interview with Sean Stone.


Instructor/HostSean Stone
FeaturingJay Weidner