Bashar: The Past, Present & Future Are Within You

Conscious Life Expo Talks 2019 with Bashar
S1:Ep141 hr, 26 minsFebruary 2019

In this session, Bashar explains how we use the illusion of time to creatively navigate our path in life. The Bashar transmissions are designed specifically for your mind and your imagination to be fully activated, inspired and to accelerate your personal journey of transformation!

For 34 years, Darryl Anka has channeled the remarkable multidimensional being known as Bashar. Bashar describes himself as an extraterrestrial being from the future; a “contact specialist” who is specifically involved in preparing Earth for extraterrestrial contact. He explores a wide-range of subjects from a unique perspective of knowledge, with great insight, humor and a profound understanding of how we manifest our experience!

Instructor/Host: Bashar
Video Language: English