Dr. Sue Morter: The Energy Codes — Ignite Your Power

During her 30 years of healing work in private practice, Dr. Sue codified what patients did naturally to heal. With that information, and coupled with a life-changing experience in deep meditation twenty years ago, Dr. Sue masterfully weaves together the worlds of quantum science and ancient spiritual wisdom. In this awe-inspiring workshop Dr. Sue shows how to apply these insights for not only changing your life but changing the reality that you see and engage in.

Dr. Sue reveals and demonstrates the two systems that run our bodies and teaches us to move them into alignment and resonance with results that last. She teaches what is called The Quantum Flip for changing your perspective on what is possible for humanity as she speaks into our multi-dimensionality and our power as true creators.

Dr. Sue Morter has worked with individuals and groups around the globe, imparting wisdom on natural health care and the power of consciousness to transform life. Her Energy Codes coursework is based on energy medicine, quantum theory and a deep study of consciousness in eastern principles. A life-changing experience with ancient meditation practices inspired her to devote her life to sharing the freedom available to all.

Host: Sue Morter
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English