Emery Smith: The E.T. Genetic Programs

Emery discusses the various genetic programs he was involved in during his time underground in the facilities. He discusses the science behind ET hybridization with humans, mutations of growing such creatures, cloning programs, what programmed life forms are used for, how to tell the difference of these beings, what purpose each serves, and what comprises their genetic material. We discover why these studies are being done and what role they serve for the civilian world.

Emery Smith is a US Air Force veteran with a long history of assignments in highly classified, deep-black covert operations. Emery’s “moon lighting” job at both Sandia and Los Alamos National facilities led to him being directly involved in lab work and 3,000 tissue samples of extraterrestrials. Smith eventually worked at facilities all over the world, due to the varying surgical experience and intense knowledge of biologics and genetics he acquired. Additionally, he has personally witnessed multiple crashed UFOs in the military’s possession and has studied their composition and operational characteristics.

Host: Emery Smith
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English