Cross Training for Fitness
1 Season . 5 Episodes

Mix up your workouts for faster results.

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Variety is the key for accelerated results and staying motivated. Using a combination of workout styles and techniques from kickboxing, yoga, Qi Gong, sculpting and Pilates, Jessica Smith and Guillermo Gomez offer you five total body workouts so you'll never get bored.

Host: Jessica Smith, Guillermo Gomez
Episode 1
14 mins
Rev up your metabolism with this high-energy, high-kicking session.
Episode 2
15 mins
Increase muscle tone and range of motion using only your own body weight.
Episode 3
15 mins
Rev up your heart rate and strengthen your lower body.
Episode 4
14 mins
Strengthen your core with the power of Pilates.
Episode 5
16 mins
Tune into your body as you let go of tension.