Deep Space
Season 2 . 16 Episodes

In Deep Space, experts shed light on controversial subjects which can no longer remain hidden. It is up to us to evaluate the evidence and educate ourselves on the infinite possibilities, from ETs to hidden secrets and advanced technologies.

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S2:Ep1, JFK and the Secret Space Program (Preview)
Deep Space (Trailer)
Episode 1
30 mins
Follow along as our team of researchers carefully trace document trails to uncover who benefited most from JFK’s death.
Episode 2
26 mins
Our team of scholars reveal the history of overt and covert space programs by showing us how antigravity technology was discovered in Nazi Germany, perfected by American programs such as Project Paperclip, and kept secret by the military industrial complex.
Episode 3
34 mins
Some theorize that NASA has become a front for the secret space programs, serving to sideline public attention away from antigravity and zero-point energy studies. It seems that they are willing to talk about the things that they are hiding but will never give a straight answer.
Episode 4
25 mins
What if the greatest mysteries of our solar system are of artificial origin, built with the intention of influencing conscious development on earth? Our team of investigators look at the most puzzling planet in our solar system, Saturn and the hyperdimensional mysteries of our solar system.
Episode 5
25 mins
Could the moon be a hollow-bodied construct that contains a hidden message encoding the deeper mysteries of our universe and life on Earth? With recent discoveries from NASA and the European Space Agency, the lunar enigmas have only compounded.
Episode 6
21 mins
Is our moon an interstellar ark, with a powerful computer which has fallen to reptilian control and now used to subtly influence humanity? Insiders tell us that our moon has been built as an ark to preserve life from dying planets by transporting them to our world.
Episode 7
26 mins
Was Mars once home to a thriving civilization which met an untimely end by an ancient nuclear war? In an effort to preserve their civilization, Martian refugees fled their home planet to find refuge in the most unlikely of places.
Episode 8
33 mins
Located just south of the 37th parallel we find the small town of Dulce, NM. It is an isolated area, haunted by a myriad of strange events which may be connected to a secret military base deep below the desert. Our researchers examine eyewitness accounts from prominent whistleblowers in the region.
Episode 9
29 mins
Custodians of ancient knowledge tell us that the gods of Eden, the Annunaki, planned a destiny for us which is still being played out through our ongoing obsession with gold. Evidence of this can be discerned from ancient temples, which once stood as places for the human elite to commune with these extraterrestrial gods.
Episode 10
28 mins
A world-wide revolution, rooted in Gnostic thought, is already underway as these ancient forbidden teachings are slowly seeping into the mass mindset. These ancient scrolls offer a different telling of our origins and highlight a path for spiritual evolution that threatens the very foundations of the power elite.
Episode 11
30 mins
Following Moore’s Law, advances in computer power are soon to exceed our capacity to predict what is to come. At that moment, artificial intelligence could exceed human intellectual capacity. What we do now, will determine the course of human evolution in a post-singularity world.
Episode 12
28 mins
With the technological singularity looming upon the horizon, the future of humanity is called into question. Is the solution to surviving the singularity, and keeping pace, to integrate the human form with machines? When this happens, our sense of humanity, as we know it, will change forever.
Episode 13
29 mins
Could a signal emanating from within the constellation of Cygnus have ignited the spark of life on our planet and inspired the construction of ancient monuments?
Episode 14
26 mins
50 miles away from Dulce, New Mexico we find the San Luis Valley; a mysterious region described as the playground of the paranormal. Geophysical formations within this valley provide ideal conditions for portals to form, connecting our world with parallel realities.
Episode 15
28 mins
Our team of researchers uncover the history of mind control in the U.S. and the establishment of a baseline reality confining our expression of what it means to be human. Becoming aware of these agendas and tactics enables us to break free of the matrix.
Episode 16
1 min
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