Deep Space
Season 4 . 4 Episodes

In Deep Space, experts shed light on controversial subjects which can no longer remain hidden. It is up to us to evaluate the evidence and educate ourselves on the infinite possibilities, from ETs to hidden secrets and advanced technologies.

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S4:Ep1, Introducing the Galactic Federation (Preview)
Deep Space (Trailer)
Episode 1
29 mins
Is humankind on the verge of open extraterrestrial contact? Top defense experts discuss the role of a Galactic Federation in relation to recent UAP public disclosures. In Season 4, we examine ET species and humanity’s place in the Galactic Federation.
Episode 2
30 mins
Who are the Greys? There was a time when every grey-colored extraterrestrial was considered a “Grey.” Today, members of the intelligence communities and direct contact experiencers are classifying the various races within the Grey species.
Episode 3
30 mins
Were the Greys and EBENs once at war, despite sharing genetic origins? Discover how these two grey-colored extraterrestrial species may have put aside their own differences to help support the evolution of humanity on Earth.
Episode 4
25 mins
What influence have beings from Andromeda had on Earth? Discover why the Andromedans are a vital part of the Galactic Federation as experts and experiencers offer their accounts of these blue-skinned extraterrestrials.