The FIRM Time Crunch Cardio
1 Season . 3 Episodes TV-G

Fit cardio into your day easily with this fast, effective workout from The FIRM.

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Get on the fast track to fabulous with The FIRM® Time Crunch Cardio. Developed by Master Instructor Allie Del Rio, this incredible program is designed to pack a powerful fat-burning punch into short, high-energy sessions. The key is The FIRM's proven Mini-Burst technique, which combines intense 8-second intervals with a short period of active recovery to accelerate weight loss.

20 mins TV-G
Melt away excess pounds with this targeted combination of cardio and strength training.
20 mins TV-G
Slow it down and speed up your metabolism.
20 mins TV-G
Turn up the heat with this fun, fast-paced cardio workout designed to maximize calorie burn and blast fat FAST.