Fit Body Yoga
1 Season . 4 Episodes TV-G

Learn the same moves Gwen uses to keep professional athletes fit and injury-free.

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Gwen Lawrence's unique fitness-inspired yoga blends traditional yoga poses with functional strength-training techniques to bring you three 20-minute yoga workouts that guarantee results. Combine the practices for a total-body workout – or use them individually to customize your Fit Body Yoga routine.

20 mins TV-G
Quickly tone your lower body with Gwen Lawrence's unique and fun variations on some of your favorite traditional poses.
19 mins TV-G
Go deep into the shoulder joint to increase range of motion while sculpting your arms, shoulders and chest.
17 mins TV-G
Access your back and core with Gwen Lawrence's unique strength-building moves.
10 mins TV-G
Gwen Lawrence hits all major muscle groups in just 10 minutes with this flowing practice.