QuickFix Abs
1 Season . 3 Episodes

With 3 express workouts to choose from QuickFix Abs is a solid strength training program that will firm and tone your midsection.

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Workout 1 (Preview)

QuickFix Abs is a concise and efficient workout. Personal trainer Julie Upton instructs you in three 10-minute segments that can be done together for an intense abdominal challenge, or separately for the truly time deficient exerciser. Each of the three segments will target your midsection through a great variety of movements that don't waste time.

Host: Julie Upton
Episode 1
11 mins
This workout of QuickFix Abs is a solid 10-minute strength-training and core-conditioning program that will firm and tone your midsection.
Episode 2
10 mins
Short on time when it comes to working out? Quick Fix Abs has the answer with this concise and efficient core focused workout.
Episode 3
11 mins
Target your midsection with these dynamic movements that don't waste time and get you results fast.