Rodney Yee Core Centered Yoga
1 Season . 6 Episodes

Find your balance with this core-centered practice from Rodney Yee.

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Internationally acclaimed yoga instructor Rodney Yee helps you make small adjustments that provide amazing results. Learn how finding your core center is the key to getting fit and finding balance in your body, your mind, your life.

Teacher: Rodney Yee
Episode 1
14 mins
Create strength and balance in the lower body by exploring familiar postures to reveal how rotating the legs in opposite directions.
Episode 2
8 mins
Tune in to your back to avoid pain.
Episode 3
8 mins
Explore twists to feel more balanced.
Episode 4
8 mins
Alternate between exploring backbends and forward bends, achieving better posture and body alignment through breakdowns of cobra, up dog, camel, cobbler, and forward folds.
Episode 5
9 mins
Learn how to relax the body while keeping the mind alert in this guided meditation.
Episode 6
6 mins
A calming meditation to bring feelings of scattering or hectic energy back into balance.