T‘ai Chi Daily Practice
1 Season . 5 Episodes

Learn the basic movements of a daily T’ai Chi practice with this easy-to-relate-to instruction and demonstration.

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The T'ai Chi Daily Practice video will give you all tools you need to create your own practice. Move past the finer points of the individual forms while refining and gaining more confidence, inner energy and vitality. The Daily Practice is broken down into three instructional sections, which slowly demonstrate the individual movements that make up the entire routine. Once you’ve mastered Sections 1 through 3, you are ready for the Daily Practice, which puts all of the movements together in a flowing sequence you can practice every day.

Featuring: Daisy Lee Garripoli
Episode 1
8 mins
An introduction to the benefits, movements and fundamentals of a T'ai Chi practice.
Episode 2
13 mins
Learn the basic steps of a daily practice routine.
Episode 3
9 mins
Build on the basic movements covered in Section 1 while adding new movements.
Episode 4
9 mins
Master the final movements needed to complete the daily practice sequence.
Episode 5
6 mins
Put the movements from Sections 1 through 3 together for a complete daily practice.