Tantrik Micro Meditation Practices
Season 1 . 7 Episodes

This series is based on the teachings of the Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra, a 1200-year-old manual of Tantrik Yoga, specializing in micro-meditations.

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S1:Ep1, Introduction to Tantrik Yoga (Preview)
Episode 1
13 mins
A lecture on the history and basic principles of Tantrik Yoga, an ancient practice about unlocking the hidden potentials in every human being. This is the first video in the series "Tantrik Micro Meditation Practices."
Episode 2
27 mins
In this micro meditation talk, you will learn a few breath techniques that activate your heart center and have the ability to practice them. Allow yourself to drop into a state where you will become rapidly centered, feeling still, at ease and calm.
Episode 3
17 mins
Enjoy an in-depth talk about the energy of the heart, and then practice a visualization technique to drop into center and access the natural joy and love of your innermost being.
Episode 4
21 mins
A meditation to attune you to reality. By sensing the entirety of the present moment with the whole body, you will begin to enter into your natural state of harmony, accepting what is.
Episode 5
20 mins
Open yourself up to a greater field of presence with this short meditation. Explore the full beauty of the sensual world while harmoniously connecting with the intricacies of your environment.
Episode 6
18 mins
A meditation designed to help you learn one of the key techniques of Tantrik Yoga. Learn how to activate the central channel of the subtle body, allowing your attention and energy to abide within it.
Episode 7
21 mins
The Vijñāna-bhairava-tantra teaches a more comprehensive twelve-chakra system, as opposed to the seven-chakra system commonly known in the West. Learn how to activate all twelve chakras arrayed along the central channel.