Yoga Conversations with Rodney Yee
1 Season . 11 Episodes TV-G

Join Rodney Yee in this unique yoga docu-series, offering enlightening interviews with his peers as they discuss yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

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A Glimpse Into Rodney's Yoga Conversations (FREE)

In this unique yoga docu-series Rodney Yee brings more than instructional videos; he makes the series enlightening and different, while still focusing on one common thread: yoga. Through Rodney’s interviews with his peers we hear thought-provoking stories and incredible experiences regarding yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices.

Join Rodney as he explores the roots of yoga, providing genuine and personal details on the effects of yoga to the mind, body and soul.

Teacher: Rodney Yee
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
16 mins TV-G
Take a glimpse into this series with Rodney Yee and a variety of guests. Learn more about yoga from the lens of yoga masters.
19 mins TV-G
Join Rodney Yee as he discusses meditation and mantra with world-renowned and beloved teacher Sally Kempton. Explore the meaning of meditation, its purpose and its diverse practices, while also learning about Sally’s personal journey.
26 mins TV-G
Join Rodney Yee as he sits down with Ann Dyer to discuss Nada Yoga. Get an intimate look at the practices and principles behind “sound yoga” with one of the world’s foremost teachers. Dive into mantra, the sound of OM, and meditation as a deep listening practice.
18 mins TV-G
In this 20-minute interview, Rodney Yee talks to Iyengar yoga teacher Scott Hobbs, exploring the fundamental practices of this school of yoga and why Hobbs will practice inversions for nearly an hour each day.
21 mins TV-G
Kundalini Yoga is one of the fastest growing schools of yoga and meditation in the world. Known as the “Yoga of Awareness”, Kundalini is a structured practice that is easily accessible to anyone. Join Rodney Yee as he sits down with rising Kundalini teacher Guru Jagat as they discuss her journey to Kundalini, its principles and methods, and answer several questions about the practice.
23 mins TV-G
Join Rodney Yee as he sits down with author and scholar Phil Goldberg to talk about how Eastern philosophies and sacred texts were brought to the West, and how these teachings have transformed the landscape of modern-day culture.
19 mins TV-G
Join Rodney Yee as he sits down with Swami Sita, an expert teacher in yoga philosophy and methods and the Director at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California. Go deep into age-old yogic questions, like “Who Am I?” and discover what a day in the ashram is like.
25 mins TV-G
Join Rodney Yee as he sits down with Sister Draupadi, a member of the Self-Realization Fellowship monastic community, to discuss Kriya Yoga and what "self-realization" really means.
21 mins TV-G
Join Rodney Yee as he sits down with Christopher Hareesh Wallis, a tantric philosopher, teacher, and Sanskrit master, to discuss what tantra really is and how the practice differs greatly from the common misconceptions.
12 mins TV-G
Join Rodney Yee as he continues his conversation with meditation expert and teacher Sally Kempton. Delve deeper into the topics of “Pratyahara”, or the withdrawing of one’s senses, and hear why learning the basics of meditation is key to a successful practice.
11 mins TV-G
Join Rodney Yee and Sally Kempton for a meditative journey that will take you into the presence of the goddess Durga, focusing on the power of love incarnate.