Yoga For Runners
1 Season . 4 Episodes

Unlock your tight hamstrings, hips, quads & shoulders with powerful mobility training specifically for runners.

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Yoga For Runners (Preview)

Learn effective stretching for runners to create your own at-home yoga practice. Stretching regularly with these classes will help keep you limber, mobile, and ready to run. Practice pre- and post-runs and even before bed!

Teacher: Lucas Rockwood
Episode 1
7 mins
Learn to warm-up your entire body before you run and practice flexibility training after you run (or before bed) to maintain and improve functional mobility.
Episode 2
19 mins
In this video, you will learn the benefits of deep stretching for post run recovery and cool down.
Episode 3
18 mins
Stretch and lengthen your extremities with this post-run cool down routine.
Episode 4
18 mins
Learn to target your key running muscles with this short flexibility training video.