Matias De Stefano remembers his life as a woman living in the Atlantean colony of Khem. He shares stories and lessons learned from that life, which were during the earliest days of Atlantis. This was not a time of spaceships and crystal energies, but a time when humanity was first learning how to eke out a thriving civilization on this planet. As their culture grew, 12 families, all decedents of the Arcturians and Annunaki were given 12 regions to control — not to rule, but to serve as guides to the people of Atlantis.

As we explore Matias's memories, we learn:

• The concentric rings of their civilization match the universe's geometry

• The connection between the 12 zodiac and the 12 families

• Who were the builders of time and space

• The restriction of venturing beyond the islands

Instructor/Host: Matias De Stefano
Video Language: English