Evolution of the Third Dimension

Eons ago, the Elohim created portals through time as a means to define the paths of evolution for beings in the third dimension. As guides for this growth, they created the fathers and mothers of civilizations with the beings of Sirius and Orion. Matias De Stefano describes the beings that came from these distant stars, and the unique roles they play with evolution in our reality.

This depiction includes: • The roles of the Pleaidians, Vegans, and Arcturians who are connected to the 4-6th dimensions, to guide evolution in the 3rd dimension • The structures of temples and pyramids which were built with the intention of creating a reflection of the Orion portal on Earth for ease of transport and the flow of universal information • Why beings, such as the Annunaki, to Earth from their dying worlds • Arcturians guiding the establishment of Atlantis to serve as an experiment for further human evolution

Audio Languages: English, German, French
Subtitles: English, German, French