Assessing Your Gut
Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Let’s get specific about this and help you get to your answer faster. Getting the right answers gets you better results faster. The one-size-fits-all paradigm is over; it's time for personalized wellness.

In this enlightening lesson, you will: ✓ Investigate nuanced solutions for gut-related health concerns, recognizing the intricate variations among individuals. ✓ Learn the science of microbiome testing, unveiling precise insights into your body's unique microbial composition. ✓ Master the strategic approach to reinstating microbial diversity, a fundamental element in achieving comprehensive well-being.

When you have a healthy gut, you have a healthy life. Let's get you there.

Home play: • Research healthcare practitioners who align with your values if you don't already have one, and obtain a microbiome test tailored to achieve your desired health outcomes.

Host: Dr. Jeffrey Bland
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English