Things to Avoid
Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Dr. Bland discusses the myriad factors that pose a threat to our delicate microbiome, encompassing sugars, additives, antibiotics, and pesticides.

In this educational lesson, he imparts essential insights into: ✓ Identifying and skillfully avoiding elements detrimental to the microbiome, establishes the foundation for a healing journey. ✓ Nourishing our internal cells through a diverse and wholesome diet, fostering resilience and vitality. ✓ Unveiling the role of epigenetics in shaping microbiome health, emphasizing strategic steps to instill stability and fortify against further harm.

Let's progress with informed choices, ensuring sustained well-being and vitality in our journey toward optimal health.

Home play: • Reflect on the insights gained from this lesson and identify two aspects of your current diet that should be avoided, proceeding to eliminate them.

Host: Dr. Jeffrey Bland
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English