Breathwork for Active Release - Meditation

When we hold on to the past, we hold unresolved grief in our bodies. Let go of pain and process emotions in this meditation with teacher Sah D’Simone. Connect with the body through awareness and breath to release the past and move into new possibilities.

In this empowering lesson, you will:

✓ Focus on providing your body with precisely what it needs to return to a state of harmony through intentional breathwork, mindful movement, and the nurturing of your body's needs. ✓ Facilitate the release of stuck emotions associated with grief through the powerful ability of movement and breath to shift energy within your body. ✓ Foster a sense of tranquility and acceptance through and learning how to be present with your emotions.

Embrace the opportunity to provide your body with the care it deserves, release stagnant emotions, and cultivate a profound sense of peace within. This is a meditation that invites you to fearlessly be where your body is, unlocking the path to self-mastery.

Home play: • Try this practice with a friend. Invite them to do the exercises with you and reflect on what you experienced together.

Host: Sah D'Simone
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English