Art of Letting Go
1 Season . 18 Episodes TV-PG

A somatic healing practicum that explores nine powerful practices and movements designed to release emotional baggage, reawaken the mind, and rediscover the joy in every moment.

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Art of Letting Go (Preview)

How can we break the harmful patterns in our lives that keep us from realizing our purpose? Learn how we can reset both our bodies and minds to reawaken our spirits and rediscover the joy waiting in every moment. Create a new beginning with this series focused on physical practice and intention, designed to help you let go of the past you have held on to.

This life-altering guide is a condensed training in emotional intelligence and somatic healing. We chose one of the most skilled, joyful, and inviting guides, Sah D’Simone, to help walk you through the necessary steps for you to become a liberated being. 

Spiritual revolutionary and yogi Sah D’Simone is the originator of the Somatic Activated Healing™ method. Sah uses a heart-based approach to teach students how to be present within their minds and bodies. Guiding them along the path toward spiritual growth and, ultimately, enlightenment.

In this guide, learn how to: ✓ Acknowledge the inherent wisdom in the transient nature of life, unveiling profound teachings that arise from embracing impermanence. ✓ Embrace genuine liberation by delving into teachings that transcend dualistic perspectives, paving the way to true freedom and healing. ✓ Explore the intricate spaces of your internal landscape, recognizing and feeling emotions embedded in your body. ✓ Purify and make room for more love by cleansing the pathways of your emotional reservoir, creating space for compassion in your life. ✓ Respond with wisdom and compassion by pausing and consciously choosing to refrain from perpetuating suffering. ✓ Release the desire to punish yourself for past mistakes, discovering the transformative power of self-compassion and forgiveness. ✓ Expand your heart's capacity by extending unconditional love and care to all beings, mirroring the compassion you have for loved ones.

These practices are easily accessible to all and promise for a bright future as you align with ancient wisdom from the sages to welcome you back home to your body.

Host: Sah D'Simone
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
4 mins TV-PG
While sometimes painful, change can teach us to observe the truth that everything in our lives is temporary. Embrace impermanence and cultivate a deep friendship with the ever-changing nature of existence.
22 mins TV-PG
Release tension and stagnant energy stored in the body by experiencing the power of somatic shaking to release energetic blockages and create space for new energy to flow through.
7 mins TV-PG
Open yourself to genuine liberation and healing beyond the realm of duality. Teacher Sah D’Simone invites us to observe how our experiences can be both difficult and heart-opening.
23 mins TV-PG
Your mind resists paradox, but your heart lives in paradox with everything you encounter. Sah D'Simone guides you through an active meditation designed to catalyze healing and rejuvenation.
8 mins TV-PG
Walk into the depths of your internal landscape, guided by Sah D'Simone, as he encourages you to connect with the emotions stored within your body.
22 mins TV-G
When we hold on to the past, we hold unresolved grief in our bodies. Let go of pain and process emotions in this meditation with teacher Sah D’Simone. Connect with the body through awareness and breath to release the past and move into new possibilities.
5 mins TV-PG
How do we navigate feelings of rage? Learn to work anger out of the body and release the expectations and triggers caused by unresolved reactive patterns. Discover the profound shifts that can occur when you embrace and process the full spectrum of your emotions.
26 mins TV-PG
Release rage and see the transitory nature of everything we encounter with Teacher Sah D’Simone.
6 mins TV-PG
Sah D'Simone illuminates the path to finding hope within hopelessness, offering guidance on navigating overwhelming changes, and providing insights on self-care for your inner world.
27 mins TV-PG
How can we consciously move through overwhelming feelings of hopelessness? Teacher Sah D’Simone leads this meditation practice to help you be present in your body and reconnect with your purpose.
5 mins TV-PG
Experience the transformative power of leaning into discomfort, allowing it to be a catalyst for growth, healing, and ultimately liberation.
23 mins TV-PG
How much of our lives are focused on avoiding discomfort? Learn how to pause in the face of discomfort. Teacher Sah D’Simone leads this meditation practice to awaken you to your own enlightenment with the mantra “I am no longer running from discomfort."
6 mins TV-PG
Accept the inherent goodness at the core of your being, and create a trail of peace, love, compassion, and forgiveness that writes a new story for your present reality.
22 mins TV-G
When we forgive, we are making peace with the past and writing a new story for our present reality. Teacher Sah D’Simone guides this meditation practice to help inspire you to achieve a new perspective with the mantra “I am at peace with my past.”
5 mins TV-PG
How can we learn to handle all that life throws at us with ease? In this talk, teacher Sah D’Simone shares how we can practice joy by relaxing into our present circumstances, whatever they may be.
20 mins TV-PG
How can we learn to handle all that life throws at us with ease? In this meditation, teacher Sah D’Simone shares how we can practice joy by relaxing into our present circumstances, whatever they may be.
5 mins TV-PG
Welcome to a profound excavation of your heart with Sah D'Simone as he invites you to deepen your practice for the liberation of humanity.
22 mins TV-PG
How can we open our hearts to the whole world? In this concluding meditation practice of Art of Letting Go, teacher Sah D’Simone describes how we can dedicate our purpose to the benefit of all beings and live a life of service to benefit others.