Transform Expectations & Triggers - Meditation

Release rage and see the transitory nature of everything we encounter with Teacher Sah D’Simone.

In this empowering lesson, you will: ✓ Defrost frozen energy within your system by engaging in dynamic movements that shake off dense emotions with practices designed to release stagnant energy, creating space for a more fluid and liberated emotional state. ✓ Offer a cathartic and transformative experience of the body by purifying the release of anger through primal screaming and intentional movement. ✓ Witness the alchemical process of intense emotions into love by channeling it into a heart-centered space.

As you engage in these practices, you'll discover the art of dropping the story and simply being with the feeling. This newfound skill empowers you in your daily life, enhancing your ability to navigate and release energy from your body.

Home play: • Create a sacred space for this practice to allow yourself to go deeper into your emotions. Ask yourself “what does my anger need to feel safe” and create that kind of environment, so that you can do the primal scream full out.

Host: Sah D'Simone
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English