Dangers of Mercury in Your Mouth
Healing Matrix with Dr. Ed Group

Can you imagine putting a toxic chemical into your mouth that could cause a lifetime of disease and degraded lifestyle? Dr. Blanche Grube and Dr. Ed Group say this is exactly what happens when we agree to mercury fillings at the dentist office. They discuss the history of using mercury to fill teeth and the battles that ensued over the toxicity vs. ease which resulted in the amalgam wars. The most recent of which was spearheaded by Biological Dentistry pioneer, Hal Huggins. Dr. Grube discusses the many effects of mercury fillings, including depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, allergies, and autoimmune disorders. She explains that one atom of mercury can kill one cell, but it doesn’t stop there until the mercury is removed from the mouth and cleared from the body.

Host: Dr. Ed Group
Featuring: Dr. Blanche Grube
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English