Energy Secrets of the Great Pyramid

New evidence suggests that the great pyramid on the Giza Plateau were used to generate electrical power. Try as we might, we still cannot replicate how the pyramids were built, let alone tap into their original purpose. We must let go of the mainstream notions that the pyramids were tombs, or that they were built only 4,5000 years ago. Our team of experts have been to these locations, gathered the evidence, and present a convincing case that an ancient civilization -- possibly of extraterrestrial origin -- created the structures at Giza to generate massive amounts of power. A power we can still tap into through the proper tuning of sound, vibration, and consciousness.

Featuring: Christopher Dunn, Desiree Hurtak, Jonny Enoch, Andrew Collins, Mohamed Ibrahim, J.J. Hurtak
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English