Holographic Universe Decoded

Our reality may be a holographic projection, confirming ancient spiritual teachings that our physical existence is merely an illusion. If this is true, where does it all come from? From seekers to scientists, we delve into the mysteries of our holographic universe. They suggest that our world may be a 3D projection from the 2D surface of the universe, or a projection from a higher-level universe into our own. Either way, the experts agree. Everything that we experience is wave-form information, interpreted as reality by our brains, creating the illusion of physicality. With this understanding, we are able to explore the implication for humanity as we unlock the intersection of cosmic unity, where science and spirituality merge.

Featuring: David Icke, Deep Prasad, Theresa Bullard, Nassim Haramein, Andrew Collins, Mary Rodwell
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English