Part One: Arrival

In part 1, Freddy Silva explores the era of 10,500 BC and the Followers of Horus around Giza, Iwnw, Meidun, Dashur, and Saqqara. These structures were meticulously designed as enduring markers, safeguarding knowledge from an imminent cataclysm, and laid the groundwork for the temples we know today.

During this era, an unconventional agricultural revolution unfolded along the Nile, predating conventional history by two millennia. This anomaly coincided with the arrival of a group of deities from a southern ocean, following a cataclysm that triggered the last ice age and ravaged their island sanctuary, Iw Titi.

As chronicled in the temple of Edfu, these wise beings sought refuge in a land with a more stable climate—Egypt. Here, they established eight sacred mounds along the river, mirroring the celestial pattern of the Milky Way, which would serve as the bedrock for the temples that endure to this day.

Referred to as the Aku Shemsu Hor, or Shining Ones, Followers of Horus, these towering figures played a pivotal role in shaping the extraordinary civilization of ancient Egypt. Their monuments not only served practical functions but also harbored a deeper purpose.

Host: Freddy Silva
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English