Harmonizing Citta: The Heart-Mind Field

The guiding theme for this vinyasa practice by Mara Branscombe is the integration of mental clarity and emotional health. The term “Citta” in Sanskrit is loosely translated as the “mind.” Citta is also referred to as consciousness and a kind of energy field that records our life experiences.

When we can begin to observe our citta while we are practicing yoga, we begin to witness ways of being that serve us and ways that limit us. Through awareness, breath, and movement, we can choose to let go of the limitations, and choose to illuminate our best self. The essence of this practice is to cultivate positive citta (consciousness) and mental clarity as a pathway to illuminate our hearts and minds.

We will engage in a sweet, slow, and deep flow series while we practice the art of being the witness to citta and clean inner landscapes with breath and controlled focus/drishti.

Teacher: Mara Branscombe
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English