How to Set Yourself Free From Pain & Misery with Sean Stephenson

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S1:Ep1456 mins2019

Join Sean Stephenson, therapist, self-help best-selling author, and motivational speaker, as he takes us on his journey of setting himself free from pain and misery through the power of choice. Born with a rare bone disorder that caused his bones to become very fragile and stunted his growth, he faced countless challenges, however, he pushed through, pursuing a life of quality. His message is inspiring, encouraging each of us to change our mindset for a life of abundance, a life of joy, and recognizing all of the good.

In this interview, you will learn:

- The one question that has set him up for life and the success he has had to this day

- We all have control over what we make things mean

- Insecurities are one of the greatest thieves of the human value

- How to manage your insecurities when there is no cure

- The power we all have to determine the labels that are put on us

- When you decided to be unrealistic, you an create incredible opportunities

Featuring: Sean Stephenson
Video Language: English