Make Peace With Paradox

Open yourself to genuine liberation and healing beyond the realm of duality. Teacher Sah D’Simone invites us to observe how our experiences can be both difficult and heart-opening.

Explore spiritual truth guided by Sah D'Simone, as he leads you through transformative practices to:

✓ Open yourself up to genuine liberation by pursuing the teachings that transcend dualistic perspectives, providing a pathway to true freedom and healing. ✓ Tap into the natural ebb and flow of emotions without becoming entangled in attachments, embracing the transient nature of emotions, and fostering a profound sense of emotional freedom and resilience. ✓ Navigate the process of releasing outdated ways of existing as you make friends with paradoxes by letting go of patterns and beliefs that no longer serve your growth, creating space for a more authentic and aligned existence.

This lesson invites you to a space of deep self-discovery and transformative wisdom, empowering you to embrace the paradoxes of life and find profound liberation in the acceptance of your authentic self.

Home play: • For the next few days notice where you might get caught in emotions by attaching meaning or your identity to them. • Journal on the frequency and experience of learning how to exist in a space of duality.

Host: Sah D'Simone
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English