Open Shadow: The Story of Teal Swan

The Open Shadow documentary is about Teal Swan, an American spiritual teacher, and her transformation from a helpless sexual abuse victim to a worldwide luminary. Revealing her traumatic history of abuse by a satanic cult, she shares her powerful struggle to find the fortitude to overcome her deep-seated trauma.

Also known as "The Spiritual Catalyst," Teal Swan has inspired thousands around the world to face their own darkness as a spiritual leader. For those interested in Swan's teachings and similar ideas regarding mental health, this documentary film is one of many that Gaia offers. [Editor’s Note: The Open Shadow film comes with a trigger warning for explicit content. Viewer discretion is advised. Be aware that some material may not be suitable for children.]

Featuring: Teal Swan Director: Paola Marino Release Date: 2017 Audio Languages: English

Audio Languages: English