Part Two: Transmission

Freddy Silva takes you through the temples along the southern Nile, including Phila, Kom Ombu, Edfu, Hatshepsut, and Abydos, which reveal Egypt's genuine antiquity and serve as ceremonial pathways, imparting ancient wisdom to initiates for transcending human limitations.

Egyptian priests preserved written records of significant events in temples, echoing their role as guardians of ancient knowledge. These repositories encompassed nature's mechanics, celestial motions, sacred measures, and more, providing insight into Egypt's genesis and divine pantheon.

Moreover, these temples served a dual purpose, functioning as conduits for spiritual enlightenment. They facilitated the transmission of profound mysteries concerning existence and selfhood, offering seekers a path toward transcendence and liberation from the confines of mundane existence.

Host: Freddy Silva
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English