Pleiadians, Frequency Wars & Earth Ascension

Does humanity’s unique access to compassion have a healing ripple effect in response to the frequency wars?

Regina Meredith welcomes a new channeler to Gaia, Wendy Kennedy, who answers this and other illuminating questions on behalf of the Pleiadian collective.

Kennedy provides a detailed history of Pleiadian light beings on Earth, as well as insight into Pleiadian souls currently incarnated. As she channels “the P’s”, they explain key elements of Earth’s ascension, including information on the frequency wars underway and the significance of the year 2026 on our collective consciousness. Hear Kennedy’s Language of Light embedded with a message of peace.

Discover the simple, small adjustments that could help us release judgment and pulse from our heart’s operating system.

Featuring: Wendy Kennedy
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English