Polarities of Grand Design

Who are the architects of the 6th dimension and how do they create realities? The architects of our universe have been called by various names such as Archangels and Elohim, but as host and guide Matias De Stefano explains, they are the 12 original rays of light of our universe reflecting and distorting consciousness in every direction from the core of our macrocosm.

In the 3rd dimension, we are a conscious hologram created from these 12 core rays of lights (the architects) of our universe who are operating in the 6th dimension, and as Matias says, we are part of the bodies of those beings. He further clarifies that these 12 rays of lights, or archangels, are positive and negative aspects of the universe that are reflected into geometric shapes to build realities from the core of light. There is no battle between angels and demons, these are only polarities working together within the "backstage" of our universe.

Audio Languages: English, French, German
Subtitles: English, German, French