Portals of Time & Space

Is the structure of our universe built upon portals? Guide Matias De Stefano shares how souls function as portals through space and time to co-create realties throughout interweaving dimensions. As Matias says, at the center of these structures of light, geometry and base elements, we find transcendence.

Each soul has the seed of divine creation, so every spirit can express and experience these patterns of evolution, and then transcend them by doing so. According to Matias, portals are places where all pathways of evolution are reflected in between time and space. Through understanding the origins of evolutionary patterns and how the mirrored portal system operates with the rhythm of the universe, Matias reminds us of the importance of connecting to our hearts.

“Whoever is not aligned with their heart chakra is not aligned with the portals of time and space.” – Matias De Stefano

Audio Languages: English, French, German
Subtitles: English, French, German