Session 1: The Vitruvian Man Part 1
The Divine Encryption with Robert Edward Grant

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Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci spent ten years on the problem of squaring the circle?

Robert Edward Grant walks you through Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Vitruvian Man, decrypting esoteric clues embedded within the drawing that Grant believes were encoded for us to find when humanity was ready to evolve our consciousness. This drawing, Grant says, is a QR code that activates your subconscious mind and your soul, connecting you with your higher self.

Was Da Vinci directing us to the Age of Enlightenment, and can the geometrical clues he left behind help us open to our “5 squared senses,” the “claire” abilities we all possess, and the realization that the truth we accept is only a facet of reality?

Host: Robert Edward Grant
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English