Giza: A New Theory with Armando Mei
Armando Mei

Why do mainstream Egyptologists ignore evidence that the pyramids were designed to perfectly align with the stars of Orion’s belt in 36,400 BCE? Investigative journalist Armando Mei offers A New Theory of Giza to the world, based on questions posed by Graham Hancock in Robert Bauval and Hancock’s book Keeper of Genesis.

Analyzing the astrological alignments, Mei examines the entire Giza Plateau region and believes ancient tablets like the King’s List further prove his theory that these megalithic structures are much older than we realize.

In this exclusive Gaia Original special, learn:

  • New perspectives on mainstream Egyptology
  • Hidden messages in Egyptian mythology
  • Codes found in the alignment of the stars with the Giza Plateau
  • The true purpose of the pyramids
  • The lost civilization of Giza still coming to light
Host: Armando Mei
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English