Preview Season 5 of Ancient Civilizations

Season 5 of Ancient Civilizations is a journey to recreate the incredible epic of our pre-diluvian history – bringing the most compelling and cutting-edge evidence available yet to not only prove that Atlantis and Mu existed but also to connect its story around the world to pyramids, underwater temples, and giant megalithic structures that defy all engineering logic. From hidden caves in the Peruvian jungles of the Amazon to underwater temples off the coast of Cuba and mysterious pyramids in China, the key to our spiritual growth and reaching higher states of consciousness comes from the wisdom and teachings handed down by our ancient ancestors.

Featuring: Erich von Däniken, Gregg Braden, Freddy Silva, Andrew Collins, William Henry, Michael Jaye Ph.D., Robert Schoch Ph.D. Hugh Newman, Maria Wheatley, Briend Foerster, Ben van Kerkwyk, Randall Carlson, Rita Louise Ph.D., Matthew Lacroix, Kaedrich Olsen, Jahannah James
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English