Spiritual Awareness

Being fat brought Gay Hendricks to an insight that forever changed his life, which goes right along with the exploration of our emotions – any emotion, even such unpleasant ones as anger or fear, takes place against a background of spirit. If you let yourself feel the emotion without judging it, you’ll feel your spirit behind the emotion.

He offers exercises and techniques to help recognize and disarm emotions, helping you to relax into the welcoming embrace of spirit. And then he helps you discover the foods that nourish your spirit – one bite at a time and at your own speed. No food is really “right” or “wrong.” When you take a bite of food, ask yourself, “Will this feed my spirit?”

Gradually you’ll learn to tell the difference between foods and amounts that nourish your spirit – that enable you to expand into it – and foods that bury your spirit deeper within you, making you contract away from it. So you’ll naturally begin to choose the foods the perfect foods to feed your spirit.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English