Strength and Tone

This class from Andrea Marcum is all about just what the title tells you: strengthening and toning. In this practice we will work our arms, legs and abdominals, but we will also strenghten things like our focus, our intention and our follow through. We are on a mission to transform! Transformation isn’t instant and it isn't easy-- but it is insightful and incredibly rewarding. Let's do this together! When we realize our individual and collective power, there are no limits as to where we can go. This video is part of the Get Strong, Be Calm challenge. Props: Strap and blocks Contraindications: This is designed to be a workout, hence the title. Please always practice at your own pace and have fun as you do so! You will get stronger if your practice is consistent, just be midful to take appropriate modifications if necessary. Featuring music by Damon the Zen Drummer and Logical Drift

Teacher: Andrea Marcum
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English