Nico Luce

Nico Luce's journey to find the meaning of life and his part within it took him to many corners of the world. Now, Luce teaches Vinyasa, Pilates and Core, emphasizing on body alignment, breath work and cultivating a powerful, meditative practice. Inspired by his past experiences, his passion lies in challenging students to discover who they really are. At the beginning of Nico Luce's journey, he explored acting and writing, as well as backpacking, but even after all the exploring the answer to his questions could only be found inside of himself. He discovered the greatest tool to connect to his body and soul when he stepped into his yoga mat. Luce was more interested in the silence than the instruction and excitedly took his first teacher training in 2002. Today, Luce not only learns from teachers but also from his students and his children, who are constantly reminding him who he is and of his life?s purpose to serve others.

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