Dr. Jeffrey Bland

Guiding us through the process of selecting supplements, Dr. Bland offers insights into what to consider when choosing the right ones for your needs.

In this lesson, you will: ✓ Establish a comprehensive framework for viewing supplements, emphasizing their role within an overall lifestyle strategy. ✓ Explore the limitations of relying solely on pills for optimal health and well-being. ✓ Gain knowledge about the different variations of probiotics and their specific effects on the body.

Amidst the abundance of information, it's crucial to discern the trustworthy voices in the realm of supplements. Dr. Bland empowers you with the knowledge to make informed choices on your journey toward better health

Home play: • Jot down the insights gained from this lesson. Examine your cabinet, eliminating supplements that don't provide support. Visit a health food store and select supplements aligned with the information presented.

Host: Dr. Jeffrey Bland
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English