Targeting UAPs & Crash Retrieval

Is it possible that psionic assets are being used to lure ET craft to be targeted by underground military installations, and is genetic material being harvested when non-human biologics are captured?

Former US Marine Mike Herrera continues his conversation with host Emery Smith to expand on his first-hand experience with covert operations conducted by the Black Team. Herrera shares the technological specifics of the weapons used by the government since the 1940’s to stun and ground ET craft. According to encounters Herrera had with the Black Team, he outlines the details of ET craft crashes where live specimens were recovered, as well as law enforcement’s civilian protocol in the case of a recent incident in Las Vegas.

How does the covert Black Team’s standard operating procedure differ from the government’s special access projects for crash retrieval of UAPs?

Host: Emery Smith
Featuring: Mike Herrera
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish