The Energy of Heart Coherence

Explore ancient heart wisdom intertwined with groundbreaking scientific discoveries led by physicist Theresa Bullard.

Join her as she delves into the profound intelligence of the heart, revealing transformative insights that bridge ancient knowledge with modern understanding.

In this enlivening lesson, you'll: ✓ Hear compelling evidence regarding heart and brain coherence, exploring its transformative ability to transcend conventional reality. ✓ Explore the potent influence of gratitude, unlocking its power to shape your experiences. ✓ Learn about simple yet effective exercises that facilitate access to elevated brain states, enabling you to influence the quantum fabric of existence.

As you focus on higher consciousness, watch how the gates to abundance swing open effortlessly, ushering in a life enriched with ease and manifestation.

Home play: • Daily affirmation: "I am attuned to love, compassion, and empathy" • Put a timer on for 10 minutes and attempt to create a coherent state.

Audio Languages: English